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Raneh Falls

Salil Dalvi - nov 22, 2018

One of the prominent waterfalls in the Panna Reserve area that emerges from the confluence of Ken and Khuddar rivers. This waterfall is being named after King Rane Pratap who was the erstwhile ruler of the region. Raneh Falls forms the 30 m deep and 5 km long canyon to get down into the regions of the Ken Gharial Sanctuary. The surroundings of the falls are adorned with crystalline granite, which is present in varying shades ranging from pink, red and grey. Apart from the large and small falls that are formed at the confluence, some seasonal falls also appear during monsoon season which is really worth-watching.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Salil Dalvi - nov 22, 2018

One of the prominent sanctuaries in Panna outskirts to be established with an objective to conserve the endangered species of Indian Gharials. Ken Gharial Sanctuary is being placed at the assemblage of Khuddar and Ken rivers in Panna, Chattrapur district. The sanctuary is stretched across an area of 13.5 sq km and was established in the year 1985.

Open for the tourists from sunrise to sunset, the sanctuary serves as a natural habitat to various other species of reptiles including 6 m long fish-eating gharial. Surrounded by dense forests, the sanctuary is also being flourished with 45 km of river stretch with sand banks and offers shelter to wild boar, chinkara, blue bull, peacock and chitals.

Mahamati Prannathji Temple

Salil Dalvi - nov 22, 2018

Mahamati Prannathji Temple is an important pilgrimage of Pranamis and attracts number of devotees during Sharada Purnima. The legendary story tells that Mahamati Prannathji lived at this site for 11 years after which he took samadhi inside one of the domes of this temple. The temple was built in the year 1692 with unique Muslim and Hindu architectural styles in its domes and the lotus formations. The temple is divided into six parts namely Shri Gummatji, Shri Bangalaji, Shri Sadguru Mandir, Shri Baijurajji Mandir, Shri Chopada Mandir and Shri Khijada Mandir.

The premier attraction of this pilgrimage site is Shri Gummatji, which is a circular building with nine marble domes. Eight of these domes represent the eight directions and central dome has a divine golden Kalasha. Apart from this, Kaman Darwaza is a famous temple gate, which is constructed in silver metal.


Salil Dalvi - nov 22, 2018

Madla is a picturesque village on the banks of the River Ken in Panna District. Located simply about 20 km away from Panna, this village is the true highlight of the densest jungle patterns of the area with traditional attractions of the area. The nearest airport to Madla is Civil Airport Khajuraho (30 km). Satna Railway Station (91 km) is the closest railhead. State Highway 6 connects this village with the airport and the park. The Jugal Kishore temple and the Pran nath Temple are the attractions a visitor should not miss out around Madla.

Ajaygarh Fort

Salil Dalvi - nov 22, 2018

This is an old fort elevated at a height of 688 meters and was the capital of the Chandelas during their decline. Chhatrasal presented this grand fort to his son Shri Jagat Raj in 1731. The Ajaygarh Fort is 36 km from Panna National Park.


Salil Dalvi - nov 22, 2018

Nachna was an ancient famous city of the Nagvakataka and Gupta Empire which is stretched across 40 kms from Panna. It is also known for the Chaturmukha Mahadev temple named after the colossal four faced lingam which is still enshrined inside.