About Bear Valley Camp

Hello There!

Thorough nature enthusiasts and avid travelers Diana & Salil always found their way to explore a new wildlife reserve. A long cherished dream was to live in the jungle away from the city-life where they could be at sync with nature. What started out as a dream was fueled by passion and thus Bear Valley Camp was conceptualized. Their constant endeavor is to spread the word on conservation while at the same time give the not so fortunate city dwellers a glimpse into the Wild Side.

Single Cabin Tents

  • Number of Tents:    3
  • Accommodation:    3 to 4 persons per tent
  • Your own private space:    400 sq.ft.
  • Price per day: (for 2 people)    Rs. 4300/-
  • Private Fireplace plus Barbecue Grill

*Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Private Cottages

  • Number of Tents:    1
  • Accommodation:    3 to 4 persons per tent
  • Room Size:    400 sq.ft.
  • Price per day: (for 2 people)    Rs. 5300/-
  • Private Fireplace plus Barbecue Grill

*Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Experience camping like never before, soak into the true bliss of nature as the forest surrounds you, but still have the creature comforts which make your stay more memorable.

The fireplace outside each of our tents and cottage makes for one cozy corner to spend your evenings at, listening to the crackling of the flame while being enthralled by the night sky with millions of stars for company.


At Panna Tiger Reserve you have the opportunity to explore the forests in the morning, afternoon as well as the night. Yes a night safari – an absolute unique experience to drive into the dark mysterious forests and see the nocturnal animalia in full abandon.

What’s more is that Bear Valley Camp is located on the night safari route and you are never too far from action!

Jungle Lore

Listen to tales of the jungle and of kingdoms which vanished into oblivion very close to where we are. Get active participation on this lesson by opting for our nature walk, where relics and other artefacts from a time long gone are present. Of course – no keepers!!

Listen from tribals on their way of life, how Jungles are an intrinsic part of things and how they live their daily life and their unique experiences.

Travel Information

How to get there

  • By Air

    The nearest airport is Khajuraho (25 km) which is well connected to the capital city Delhi & the city of Taj Mahal-Agra.

  • By Bus

    Four wheel drive petrol vehicles can be perfect for the wildlife enthusiasts watching and going around the reserve. Rough terrain, un- medaled roads; steep inclines are difficult for other vehicles. Private vehicles can be hired at Khajuraho / Panna.

  • By Train

    Jhansi (180 km) for those travelling from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai; Satna (90 km) for those travelling from Delhi, Kolkata and Varanasi; Katni (150 km) for those travelling from Mumbai, Chennai and Nagpur.