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Welcome to Bear Valley Camp

Hello There!

Bear Valley Camp is a unique nature camp nestled deep within the Panna Tiger Reserve. We offer our patrons an exquisite experience of camping in the wild while enjoying the basic luxuries offered by hotels.

Panna Tiger Reserve is one of Indias finest reserves spread over an area of 542.67 sq.km. Ken river the lifeline of this forest passes along and through this emerald zone and is a key element in this ecosystem. Travel along the NH for 25kms and that brings you to Khajuraho which is by itself a World Heritage destination bringing in people from all over the world.

Bear Valley Camp offers their guests to experience a unique blend of culture and nature and not restricting their non-safari time inside their rooms but encouraging them to experience the raw feel of the forest which brings about tranquility and peace to the soul.

Camping Sites

Night Safaris

Jungle Lore


Hello There!

Nature Hike

Go for a hike through the many hills which surround the region, guided and led by experienced guides and naturalists

Bird Watching

Let our experienced Naturalist take you for bird watching with over 200 species of birds around you, you will certainly be engrossed and entertained with their music

Walk to Khandia

Walk through a forest trail to reach the sandy river bed of a fast moving seasonal hill river which is a natural highway for nocturnal animals

Jungle Trails

Let our experienced Naturalist take you to see ruins from an era gone by which are present at close vicinity, experience the magic unfold before you

Night Watch

Listen to the sounds of the magical and mysterious night, the occasional hoot of the owl, the chirping of crickets the baying of the jackals and if you’re lucky the sawing of a passing leopard

Star Gazing

With a gazillion stars for company, and an absolutely unadulterated atmosphere, gives you a wonderful opportunity to look at our galaxy and the wonders therein

Bonfire & Barbecue

With your own personal fireplace and barbecue at your disposal, the helpful staff will provide all necessary ingredients for the perfect meal under the open sky

Folk Songs

Folk songs passed on over the years purely by recitation and memory, a unique experience dished out by the tribals

Where to Stay

What we Offer

Private Cottages

A spacious and cozy cottage welcomes you with its super king sized bed, attached bath and dressing. Tastefully done up interiors and a mountain view to boast along with a verandah and fireplace plus barbecue grill for your private moments

Tents with Territory

Our spacious tents are pitched on 1000 sq.ft. concrete platforms which provide one with a lovely space out in the front where your own fireplace and barbecue grill is placed. And to ensure a comfortable stay they come with fully equipped attached washrooms

Jungle Safaris

our safaris

During Winters

Morning Safari

06:30 / 9:30

Afternoon Safari

14:30 / 17:30

Evening / Night Safari

18:00 / 20:30

During Summers

Morning Safari

06:30 / 9:30

Afternoon Safari

14:30 / 17:30

Evening / Night Safari

18:00 / 20:30

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